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Release: 1987

Genre: Platform
Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Publisher: Ocean Software Ltd.

See the Ocean Software series:

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Mario Bros for the Amstrad CPC was a port of the original 1983 Nintendo game by UK software label Ocean Software Ltd. Coding was by Choice software. It was available in both cassette and disk-based versions.

Ocean was later acquired by Infogrames in 1996, the company that has evolved into Bandai Namco Entertainment UK Ltd. today.

Mario Bros. from Nintendo for your home computer! From the arcade original featuring Fireballs, Sidestepper, Shellcreeper, and Fighterfly. Flip those pests and kick ’em off the pipes.
Mario and Luigi, the best plumbers in the world, have a real job on their hands. A host of characters have taken over the sewers, and the brothers must clear them out of the pipes, but don’t lose your footing on those slippery floors. Play as a team, or against each other; either way you’re in for a scream with Mario and Luigi – the MARIO BROS.

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