Mario Museum is a personal collection of Mario software spanning the last 40 years across all formats. All the games featured cover everything from the mainstream to the obscure, from AAA flagship titles to small cameos – plus, a few unrelated Nintendo rarities are also thrown in!

It is one of the most complete collections that you’ll find anywhere of games from across all the Mario-related franchises, and virtually all of the physical media that you see on this website is part of the collection.

All regions are featured, especially where they are exclusives or have different artwork, but the majority are either UK and European PAL versions or Japanese imports.

The site focuses mostly on physical releases, so arcade or digital-download exclusives are unlikely to feature.

The site was launched in July 2022 and there are still many, many more items continually being added, so please visit back for regular updates!

About the author


Like millions of people around the world, the magic of Nintendo has been a huge inspiration for me and has influenced many aspects of my life, both personal and professional.

It’s not hard to understand why – no other entertainment company in history has innovated like Nintendo, or consistently delivered quality across the decades, partly owed to its talented people and unique heritage dating back to 1889.

The company has had many successes along the way, but perhaps the most enduring and best-loved of them all is Mario. The popularity of the little moustachioed plumber across all generations only seems to increase with time, and it is for this reason that I believe Mario has become a very significant part of modern cultural history.

I enjoy researching, collecting (and most importantly, playing!) Mario games. There are probably more software titles than you realise and even today I still make the occasional new discovery which I find incredible! I also discover other interesting Nintendo rarities from time to time, some items dating back to the company’s early history.

Thanks for dropping by, and if you’re on Twitter or Instagram, why not follow me or say hi?

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