iQue Player

アイキュー プレイヤー

Release: 2003
Product code: IQUE 1-2003

Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer: iQue, Ltd.

The iQue Player is a handheld TV game version of the Nintendo 64 console that was manufactured by iQue, a joint venture between Nintendo and Taiwanese-American scientist Wei Yen after China had banned the sale of home video games. Its Chinese name is Shén Yóu Ji (神游机), literally “Divine Gaming Machine”.

The console and its controller are one unit, plugging directly into the television. It was only released in mainland China, as its unusual game distribution method is an attempt to curb game piracy in that region. Source.

Only fourteen games were released for the iQue Player. iQue Players came with five games pre-installed, four of which are time-limited demos, after which the full version had to be bought to continue playing. Of these five games, Dr. Mario 64 was the only full game included.

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