Mario Family Japanese version


Release (Jap): 27/08/2001

Genre: Creative, Reference
Developer: Natsume Inc.
Publisher: Jaguar International Corporation

Considered one of the rarest Mario titles, Mario Family (or ‘Jaguar Sewing Machine Embroidery Software: Mario Family’ to give it its full title) is not a game in the typical sense, but software for the Game Boy Color released only in Japan, developed by Natsume and published by Jaguar in 2001.

It is compatible with Jaguar’s JN-100 sewing machine which came with a cable that would link it to a Game Boy Color, and in the game the player can choose one of several designs that the machine can copy onto fabric. Another more recent model, the JN-2000, also works with a Game Boy Color. This game is the second Mario sewing game after I Am a Teacher: Super Mario no Sweater on the Family Computer Disk System. It is also the last Mario game released on the Game Boy Color. Source.

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