WarioWare Smooth Moves UK version

おどるメイド イン ワリオ

Release (UK): 12/01/2007
Release (USA): 15/01/2007
Release (Jap): 02/12/2006

Genre: Minigame
Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd., Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd.
Publisher: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

WarioWare: Smooth Moves is the fifth game in the WarioWare series of games, and the only game in the series to be physically released for the Wii.

Like its predecessors, WarioWare: Smooth Moves is built around a collection of microgames that last about five seconds each, and which require that the player hold the Wii Remote in specific positions. The game offers the microgames to the player in rapid succession, by first instructing the player to hold the Wii Remote in a specific manner, and then showing them the microgame. The microgames are divided into several stages, each of which loosely connects the microgames with the help of a story. Additionally, this was the first spinoff Mario game to be released for the console.

Smooth Moves was given generally favorable reviews, receiving aggregated scores of 83% from Metacritic. Praise focused on the game’s entertainment value, especially at parties, while criticism targeted its length.

Source: Wikipedia

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