Mario Party Superstars UK version

マリオパーティ スーパースターズ

Release (UK): 29/10/2021
Release (USA): 29/10/2021
Release (Jap): 29/10/2021

Genre: Minigame, Party
Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd., C.A.Production Co. Ltd., Magnum enter Co., Ltd., NDcube Co., Ltd., SmileBoom Co., Ltd., T's MUSIC Co., Ltd., WILL Co., Ltd.
Publisher: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Mario Party Superstars is the second Mario Party game for the Nintendo Switch, and follows the same gameplay style as earlier installments in the series.

It features 100 minigames from past games in the series, many of which have been previously included in Mario Party: The Top 100, as well as five boards from the Nintendo 64 Mario Party games. All game modes are available to play online.

You’re invited to a blast from parties past! The Mario Party series is back with a superstar collection of classic gameboards and minigames. Turn the tables on friends and family in wild games that can change with the roll of the dice—exclusively for the Nintendo Switch family of systems.

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