Mario Strikers Battle League Football UK version

Alternative name: Mario Strikers: Battle League
マリオストライカーズ バトルリーグ

Release (UK): 10/06/2022
Release (USA): 10/06/2022
Release (Jap): 10/06/2022

Genre: Action, Sport
Developer: Next Level Games, Inc.
Publisher: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Mario Strikers: Battle League is a five versus five football (soccer) game for the Switch and the third game in the Mario Strikers series.

The game was generally praised for its chaotic, over-the-top gameplay style, multiplayer, and presentation, though it received criticism for its lack of available characters at launch, and its lack of single-player content.

Up to eight players can play local multiplayer matches, with players using just one Joy-Con each, allowing for a four-versus-four game, with the computer handling goalkeeping. The game also featured an online multiplayer mode.

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