Playing card store displays

Release: Circa 1950s-1970s

Manufacturer: Nintendo Playing Card Co., Ltd.

It’s well known that Nintendo started life as a playing card manufacturer, well over a hundred years ago in fact. The company distributed promotional displays and sales catalogues to stores, just like any other business seeking to expand its sales network.

These items are examples of double-sided cardboard signage that would hang from a ceiling, showcasing some of the card designs that Nintendo would become known for.

There are subtle differences to spot if you have a keen eye, depending on the era. The two examples here display differing Nintendo logos which helps to narrow down the decade.

The version on the left displays a logo variation known to appear on Nintendo playing cards from the 1950s. The version on the right display a more modern version first seen in the 1970s.
This example displays an even earlier variation from the early 1950s.
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