NTF2 Test Cartridge USA version

NTF2 テストカートリッジ

Release: 1989

Genre: Utility
Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Publisher: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

The NTF2 test cart is one of several used by Nintendo staff, whether working on the assembly line, or as authorised service center technicians. The carts were designed for carrying out quality control checks and diagnosing issues on the Nintendo Entertainment System and its accessories.

This NTF2 grey-coloured cart was used for testing controllers, sound, colours and various on-screen objects, either by checking each individual component, or through auto-testing.

This particular item is dated from 1989 and is in immaculate, unused condition. The ROM chip inside confirms it as a genuine Nintendo item.

Other test carts were made, usually yellow in colour, and were specifically designed for testing specific components such as the power pad, joystick, or even the control deck itself.

An example of NES test station alongside a Super NES counter tester.
Image: Wikipedia

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