Super Mario Embroidery World Japanese version


Release: Circa 1990s

Genre: Creative, Reference
Developer: Brother Industries, Ltd.
Publisher: Brother Industries, Ltd.

OK, so strictly speaking this is not a Mario “game”, but it is a form of officially-licensed Mario software, and therefore qualifies for inclusion in the collection.

This proprietary memory card is manufactured by the Japanese electronics company Brother and designed for use with various compatible sewing machines such as the Innovis range.

It features some really cool embroidery patterns based on the SNES classic Super Mario World, and interestingly, it’s not the first or last time Nintendo has experimented with the sewing machine market.

The original Japanese release comes comes nicely packaged in a slipcase as part of Brother’s Home Story Embroidery range. Other licensed IP in the range included Pokemon, Sesame Street and Toy Story 2.

A version of this item was also distributed in the US by Brother International Corporation in a single CD-sized jewel case, known as ’embroidery design card no. 17′ (model SA-317).

A variety of pre-programmed Super Mario World designs are included, along with the coloured threads required and sewing time needed.
USA version, known as embroidery card ‘No. 17’ (model SA-317)

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