Game Boy Light (Gold)


Release: 1998
Product code: MGB-101

Manufacturer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Like the silver Game Boy Light, the gold version was a launch model available exclusively to the Japanese market from April 1989.

The original iconic Game Boy went through several redesigns during its lifespan. The Game Boy Light, kept a slim form factor similar to that of the Game Boy Pocket, but slightly taller and with a larger battery compartment, redesigned to accommodate two AA batteries.

It is notable as being the first Nintendo handheld to feature an electroluminescent backlit screen. Prior to this, many gamers were reliant on 3rd party attachments, or other improvised techniques to allow nighttime gaming sessions!

It was superseded by the Game Boy Color later that same year, sealing its fate and never to receive a launch date in the west.

Game Boy Light, Gold/Silver comparison
Gold and silver versions side by side

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