Fortune Telling playing cards


“The 53 cards are a microcosm of life. Take out one card and try telling your fortune. You’ll get the answer instantly.

These playing cards are fun even on sad days and hard days. They will be your good friend even on the worst days.”

Your fortune-telling problem:

  • Can I become rich?
  • What is my true personality?’
  • Am I healthy?
  • Do I live in a big city or a small city?
  • Will I go on a journey?
  • Will this wish be granted?’
  • What do you think of this job and workplace?
  • Will that person keep his promise?
  • Do I have enemies?
  • Does that person keep secrets?
  • How to forget that person?
  • Will it be in a movie or theater soon?
  • Is it ok for my next trip?