Merlin Nintendo cards (1993)

マーリン ニンテンドーカード

Release: 1993

Publisher: Merlin Publishing Ltd.

Merlin Publishing Ltd, commonly known as Merlin, was a British publishing firm that released a variety of sticker collections during the late 1980s and 1990s. Merlin Publishing would ultimately be purchased by Topps in 1995. 

Shown are approx 45 cards. Merlin released 144 cards in total for the collection.

These were:

Super Mario Bros

  1. Mario Pointing Up
  2. Cowboy Mario
  3. Mario Quickly Stopping
  4. Mario with a Hammer
  5. Back of Mario
  6. Mario Running Left
  7. Mario Right Profile
  8. Mario Running Right
  9. Mario with Mushroom
  10. Mario Right Profile (Upset)
  11. Mario Sweating (Right)
  12. Mario Throwing to Right
  13. Mario Falling
  14. Mario Quickly Running to Right
  15. Mario Squatting
  16. Mario on His Knee
  17. Princess Toadstool Walking Right
  18. Hammer Bro
  19. Lakitu
  20. Bowser Left Profile

Super Mario Bros 2

  1. Luigi Quickly Running Left
  2. Mario Pulling Up Turnip
  3. Mario Throwing Turnip
  4. Mario Running with Turnip
  5. Toad
  6. Birdo
  7. Mario Tip Toeing
  8. Princess Toadstool Running Left
  9. Princess Toadstool Looking Over Left Shoulder
  10. Mario Running Quickly to Left
  11. Mario Searching Left
  12. Mario Throwing to Left

Super Mario Bros 3

  1. Tanooki Leaf Mario Running with Koopa Shell
  2. Mario Kicking Right
  3. Mario in Goomba Boot
  4. Tanooki Leaf Mario Flying Left (Worried)
  5. Fire Mario Throwing Left
  6. Hammer Suit Mario Throwing Right
  7. Tanooki Leaf Mario Flying Left with Koopa Shell
  8. Mario Left Profile (Upset)
  9. Tanooki Leaf Mario Tip Toeing
  10. Mario Scarred
  11. Princess Toadstool, Toad, and Luigi Running
  12. Tanooki Leaf Mario Flying Left (Smiling)
  13. Tanooki Leaf Mario Looking Over Right Shoulder
  14. Boss Bass Trying to Eat Mario
  15. Larry Koopa
  16. Mario Kicking to Right
  17. Mario Sweating (Left)
  18. Princess Toadstool Profile (Right)

Legend of Zelda

  1. Link Pushing to Left
  2. Link Kneeling to Right
  3. Link in Low Battle Stance
  4. Back of Link with a Raised Piece of Triforce
  5. Link Dodging an Attack
  6. Link Pointing Left
  7. Link Portrait
  8. Fire
  9. Link Helping Old Woman
  10. Link in Battle Stance
  11. Boot (Art Misprint – Item wasn’t available until
    Zelda II)
  12. Link Kneeling to Back
  13. Merchant
  14. Heart Container
  15. Red Candle
  16. Key and Magical Key
  17. Princess Zelda
  18. Power Bracelet
  19. Boomerang
  20. Link Pointing Right

Zelda II: Adventure of Link

  1. Goriyas and Moblins Attacking a Town
  2. Link Showing Impa the Mark of the Triforce on
    His Hand
  3. Link Encountering a Bit
  4. Link Deflecting with Shield
  5. Thunder
  6. Link Lunging Right
  7. Link in Low Battle Stance
  8. Link with Raised Sword
  9. Confused Link with Lowered Sword
  10. Link Running Right
  11. Link with Bow and Arrow
  12. Shocked Link Looking Right
  13. Link Walking
  14. Link Reading a Scroll
  15. Link and Impa Observing Princess Zelda
  16. Impa Telling Link the Story of the Magician and
    Princess Zelda

Super Mario Land

  1. Mario Jumping
  2. Bowser

Starwing (Star Fox)

  1. Fox McCloud (Error on art reads “Fox McLeod”)
  2. Falco Ramaldi
  3. Peppy Hare
  4. Slippy Toad
  5. Realistic Fox Portrait
  6. Realistic Slippy, Falcon, and Peppy Portrait
  7. Super FX
  8. STAR Logo
  9. Realistic Falcon, Fox, and Peppy
  10. Game Art Falcon, Slippy, Fox, and Peppy

Super Mario Kart

  1. Mario on His Kart
  2. Luigi on His Kart
  3. Donkey Kong Jr. on His Kart
  4. Toad on His Kart
  5. Princess Toadstool on Her Kart
  6. Yoshi on His Kart
  7. Koopa on His Kart
  8. Toad, Lakitu, and Luigi
  9. Mario with Checkered Flag
  10. Bowser Attacks Mario in Balloon Battle

Super Mario World

  1. Cape Luigi
  2. Cape Mario with Baby Yoshi
  3. Luigi, Mario, and Princess Toadstool Using a Key
  4. Mario Riding a Dolphin
  5. Mario Riding Yoshi
  6. Cape Mario
  7. Mario Throwing a Koopa Shell Up
  8. Cape Mario Landing
  9. Cape Mario Jumping
  10. Cape Mario Flying

Super Mario Land 2

  1. Wario
  2. Bunny Mario Running Left
  3. Bunny Mario Stopping Right
  4. Space Suit Mario
  5. Fire Mario Without Fireball
  6. Mario Swimming Right
  7. Mario Swimming with Koopa Shell
  8. Mario Jumping on Koopa Shell

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Unnamed in Set)

  1. Fairy (Zelda II Artwork)
  2. Keese
  3. Link in Battle Stance
  4. Magical Sword (Zelda II Artwork – Does not
    make an appearance in A Link to the Past)
  5. Stalfos

Dr. Mario (NES)

  1. Dr. Mario Driving an Ambulance
  2. Dr. Mario Running Left

Dr. Mario (Game Boy)

  1. Dr. Mario with X-Ray
  2. Dr. Mario Listening to a Heart

Mario & Yoshi

  1. Yoshi Eating Cookies

Special Card

  1. Caped Mario Jumping Right
  2. Super FX
  3. Super Nintendo
  4. NES
  5. Game Boy

Checklist Card

  1. Nintendo Logo Part 1 – Checklist Part 1 – Super
  2. Nintendo Logo Part 2 – Checklist Part 2 –
  3. Nintendo Logo Part 3 – Checklist Part 3 – Game

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