Tomy Bingo ‘Trump’ Cards


Release: Circa 2000s

Publisher: Tomy Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer: Nintendo Co., Ltd., Tomy Co., Ltd.

One of several collaborations between Nintendo and Japanese toy company Tomy. This set originates from the early 2000’s, Tomy merged with Takara to brand their products Takara Tomy from 2006. The cards are manufactured by Nintendo, as you might expect. And if you’re wondering why ‘trump’, take a look at the playing cards guide.

The writing on the reverse translates as:

First, give each player a bingo card (36 cards). Mix the bingo playing cards (75 cards) well, pull out one by one, and read the bingo number aloud. When you get the number on the bingo card, mark it with a pencil or ballpoint pen. If 5 numbers (FREE in the center is a hit) are lined up in a row in any of the vertical, horizontal, and diagonal directions, they will go up (Bingo!). (If you use a water-based pen, you can use it again by wiping it with a tissue or cloth as soon as possible.)

Reverse of Tomy bingo playing cards packaging

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