President Harifuda set

大統領 張札 セット

Release: Circa 2000s

Manufacturer: Nintendo Playing Card Co., Ltd.

Harifuda decks can be used to play Tehonbiki (手本引き), a traditional Japanese gambling game, based upon trying to select the same card (1 of 6) as the dealer.

Two different sets of karuta made specifically for this game are used:

  • Harifuda (張札): 6 cards are held by each player, and are used to indicate what number(s) the players have bet on, and the odds of their bet.
  • Hikifuda (引札) or Mamefuda (豆札): On the other side of the table is the banker, who holds a different set of cards, also representing the numbers 1 to 6.

In the middle of the table are 6 large wooden tiles, each with the numbers 1 to 6, placed sequentially in a row. They are called Memoku (目木), and are used to indicate the banker’s bet.

Traditionally, this game does not use hanafuda or kabufuda decks.

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