Super Mario Club network card (Red version) Japanese version

スーパーマリオクラブ ネットワークカード (レッドバージョン)

Release: 1991
Product code: FCN000-09

Genre: Utility
Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Publisher: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

The Super Mario Club communication cartridge was first distributed in 1990 and intended for video game retailers and toy stores. Its purpose was to allow Nintendo to undertake sales research remotely across a network of game distributors.

It also allowed consumers to receive the latest reviews for Famicom games, shared between every toy store which had the software. It also made it possible for consumers to submit feedback which provided useful marketing data.

The communication cart is not game software, however both Mario and Luigi appear in cameo roles as part of the interface. And of course the box artwork features the same familiar logo as seen elsewhere on early Mario Club Co., Ltd. designs.

Blue version

The original 1990 release came with a blue Mario logo and text on the box art. This is considered to be the rarer version of the two designs and was likely manufactured in smaller numbers. The software also features a blue interface too, but note that the physical appearance of the cartridge remains unchanged for both versions.

Red version

Later in 1991, a second version was released which featured the same logo and text but this time in red. The differences with this release are unknown, but it is likely that the original was an experimental cartridge (or possibly a prototype), with later adjustments added to this new cartridge. Again, the physical appearance of the cartridge remains the same as the original version.

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