Suntory ‘Aslan’ Pin-up Playing Cards

サントリー ピンナップ トランプ

Release: 1978

Manufacturer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Established in 1899, Suntory is one of the oldest Japanese brewing and distilling companies.

This playing card deck features artwork by the French painter, sculptor and pin-up artist Alain Aslan with references to Suntory’s gin and vodka products on the reverse. A red version of the same pack promotes Suntory Whiskey.

Nintendo produced a number of decks for the company, some of which were erotic in theme. It’s hard to imagine Nintendo with its modern, clean-cut family friendly image producing this type of product today, which only adds to their unusual nature and collectability!

This deck presents nude illustrations instead of real pictures. With just the breasts showing, none of the decks had completely nude women. This was probably due to Japanese pornography laws.

A tax stamp is shown on the unopened pack to show the appropriate revenue had been paid.

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